SMA Connector type


I’m looking to add an external antennae to this case. The included SMA to u.FL(IPEX) connector isn’t quite what I need for my specific use-case - I need an SMA to SMA for a FlightAware Pro stick - but I can’t seem to find cable that has a similar connector type as the SMA to u.FL(IPEX) cable you provide. What should I be looking for to replicate the SMA connector you supply? Is it just a standard male SMA connector without the hex nut?



Any insight here, gang?

Hi Ryan,
Sorry for the late reply.
You can look at this:
Pro stick SMA F to male side of adapter. The other side of adapter is u.FL need to be connected to our SMA to u.FL cable. Then you can connect the antenna to SMA side of the cable.

Hi ensar,

No worries and thanks for responding. Yes, that was the solution I ended up going with. Not the neatest but it works. As I mentioned to your support team, it might be worth considering making the internal coupling something standard for future versions of the box, if only to make it a little more adaptable and less reliant on your proprietary cables/adapters. Perhaps something to consider for the RPi4 version. Otherwise, an excellent piece of kit.



I really like the package. But I have the same issue here. If there is any SMA(my device) to SMA connector(the ports on the box), then it will be great. So the connection would be SMA → the onboard SMA → SMA antenna. The current solution you have given is SMA → U.FL → the onboard SMA → SMA antenna.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions to do that.

Hi @onlypengcheng,

To do this, you need: , rigth?