Sleep mode GPRS/GPS Tracker HAT

In the description of GPRS/GPS Tracker HAT it’s stated “Power-sensitive projects require advanced power controls and sleep mode features which become a great advantage of this board”
I am not able to find any documentation in this topic. Has anybody used sleep mode, or can i find documentation somwhere?


Hi @anders.brevik,

If you want GPRS/GPS Tracker HAT to enter into sleep mode, you must make sure to meet the following requirement;

Thank you.

Thank you ensar. Is the DTR pin connected to one of the IO interface pins?

No, it is not connected.
Instead, you can use the PWRKEY button.

Ok, if the DTR pin is not connected i cannot understand how to put it to sleep mode. The PWRKEY will shut down the regulators. If I do that i have problems with the ppp connection when turning it on.

You can enable the sleep mode by “AT+QSCLK=1”.

You can enable the auto connect/reconnect service to avoid connection problems.