Sleep Mode EC25

I am trying to implement sleep mode with the Hat and EC25. My setup is with a Raspberry PI and I have had to add a Pullup resistor on the DTR line to keep the DTR high when the Raspberry PI is shutdown. Without it, the PI will move that DTR to 0 for a while and the modem does not go to sleep mode. I actually use a jumper wire from J3 to DTR. I am trying to lower the power as much as possible. And when in sleep mode, I would use a SMS command to wake up my system.

When issuing the command AT+QSCLK=1, the LED Status of the Hat seems to go to IDLE mode.

But I am not seeing the current consumption changing much. Also I have no idea if the EC25 is indeed in sleep mode.

My system without the Sixfab HAT and EC25 consumes 12mA in sleep mode. With the hat, the power consumption goes up to 40mA in sleep mode (system and EC25)

Based on the documentation of the EC25 HW, the power consumption in idle mode of the EC25 is around 30mA. But it should be 3mA in sleep mode.

So based on the above number, I am not sure if my Hat ever goes to sleep mode. It seems to be in idle mode.

How to verify that the EC25 is indeed in sleep mode ?

What else am I missing ? Should the status LED blink at all in sleep mode ?


If you get the response “OK” after giving the command AT+QSCLK=1 , the sleep mode turns on.
Please check this status with AT+QSCLK? command.

If you want EC25 module enter into sleep mode, you can use UART or USB. When you use UART, you must make sure to meet the following requirement;

When you use USB, you also must make sure to meet the following requirement.

Screenshot from 2020-10-15 18-22-37

No matter you use which port, you must make sure AT+QSCLK=1, and DTR is in high level or open.

Please see the picture below for the behavior of SGNL LED:

There is no information provided by the module OEM as to how the LED will behave when sleep mode is applied to the module.

I have done all that. I am using USB.

The sleep mode does not seem to work at all.

When I set AT+QSCLK=1 or AT+QSCLK=0 (And verify that indeed they are at that level), there is no impact on power consumption. It shows 30mA which is IDLE mode.

Sleep mode should be at 3mA.

What is wrong here ?

It would be best for you to contact the module manufacturer directly.


If the OEM has info for you, please reply back. I too am interested in putting the module into sleep mode.


The only way to put the Modem into real sleep mode is to go through the Serial ports. I have tried through USB AT commands and it just does not work.