Sixfab sim ip assigned. how to access raspberry pi

Good afternoon, we are starting to test a Sixfab SIM card, with the aim of using it in future projects. We are using the SIM to connect a raspberry pi using the 3g-4g hat for Raspberry PI. We have detected that the operator is doing NAT and assigns us a private address, so we cannot access from a server to the Raspberry PI. Can you tell us, what is the IP assignment policy with the different operators? Is there any kind of guarantee that a fixed or dynamic public address is assigned that can be invoked from a server? Is there any solution for cases in which the operator assigns an address and does NAT to be able to access the device from a server? Thank you very much, Alberto

No expert here. But when I tried to obtain the IP address of the Rasperry Pi and ping it, it was never successful. My conclusion is that you can NOT access the Pi by IP address. I too found no one that knew how to do this. The documentation says you can set up a web site on hour Pi, but I don’t think you can hit it if you do.
I had to work around this with a client server model where the Pi accesses my server site. Once the connection was made, I could transfer data back and forth. I used a simpe python FTP protocol.
My server collects snippets of data from the PI and stores in DB. Works very well and have many Pi’s under one account.