SixFab HAT users, what LTE module do you use?

Hey all,

I have a very simple question to this community: what LTE module do you use with your SixFab HAT?

Personally, I first went with a Telit LE910-EU v2 (which works great but only through PPP so limited speeds) and more recently a Quectel EP06 (with which I have not had such great results…) to build a simple LTE travel router.

If you don’t mind sharing your module’s brand/model (and perhaps what use you make of it), be sure to reply to this thread!

Telit LE910C4 in ECM mode. It works fine so far.

Basically my intended use case is remote sensing in the Wildland/Urban Interface (can’t really yet be more specific).

The system, as designed and built so far, works as follows (from the perspective of the Telit modem):

  1. At startup time we get a few values, most notably the ICCID, the hardware clock time, and the latitude and longitude and stash them someplace where other parts of the system can make use of them. The hardware clock time is used to set the operating system time before we start chrony.
  2. Approximately once per hour we get current mesoscale weather data for our location via a restful web server based on FastAPI.
  3. Periodically (this can vary between once per hour and once per minute, depending) we post our device status to a restful web server based on FastAPI. Interesting states and what we consider state changes are posted more frequently.
  4. The device itself is booted read-only and the boot image is identical for all devices. This makes the devices robust in the face of power loss and makes the flash memory lifespan essentially infinite.
  5. A future optimization and cost reduction will be to keep the Telit powered down (e.g. in airplane mode) when we don’t need it.

Hey, thanks for your answer! All the best with your project, it sounds very interesting, far more than mine!

I have ordered a new module, the Telit LM960, which should arrive to me by end of week. Very eager to fiddle with it!