SixFab data sent from HAT to monitor

Massive amounts of data where sent from the HAT/SIM device this morning. In a three hour period (hours 4,5,&6) on April 12 the amounts were 560M, 645M, and 317M. I’m working to understand why this happened. I see several messages in the journal log from the SixFab modules because the system ran out of disk space. Does the SixFab Core report errors and if so what data is sent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My usage bill is now over $167 as a result of this massive increase in data usage.


I’d like to know what is going on too
I’m getting the feeling that their data monitor is BUGGED

I tried to download a package for my RPi4, which the package said 171 MB, how does that end up being 942?
Also, the download FAILED because the cellular dropped during
so I’m guessing that the SixFab takes it upon itself to force the download?

I don’t know if I want to continue using this if the cellular service is that unreliable that I have to pay for even high BER connections.