Sixfab Core log errors

I am getting an error in identifying configuration and monitoring as shown in the log below. The connection is coming up fine but I would like to clean this up and understand if it’s an issue. Also unable to open Remote Terminal from the SIM Device tab. This may be unrelated but is an important functionality for my project. I am using an EC-25G modem card. The sixfab core install script ran without errors. See log snippet below. Any ideas would be appreciated.

/home/sixfab/.core/logs $ cat agent-log
2021-05-13 11:31:25,667 → INFO Setting testament, is_reconnection=False, connection_id=1
2021-05-13 11:31:25,683 → ERROR Couldn’t connect, retrying in 5 seconds
2021-05-13 11:31:31,132 → WARNING [MONITORING] Monitoring thread not initialized, initializing
2021-05-13 11:31:31,132 → WARNING [MONITORING] Starting monitoring thread
2021-05-13 11:31:31,133 → DEBUG Not connected to MQTT broker, ignoring monitoring thread. Retrying in 10 secs
2021-05-13 11:31:31,321 → INFO Connected to the broker
2021-05-13 11:31:41,133 → ERROR [MONITORING] Raised an exception during configuration monitoring
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/opt/sixfab/core/agent/core/modules/”, line 102, in loop
_check_configuration_requests(mqttClient, configs)
File “/opt/sixfab/core/agent/core/modules/”, line 24, in _check_configuration_requests
files = os.listdir(CONFIGS_REQUEST_PATH)
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/home/sixfab/.core/configs/request’
2021-05-13 11:31:41,148 → DEBUG Sending new monitoring data
2021-05-13 11:31:41,160 → DEBUG Sending new system data
2021-05-13 11:31:41,161 → ERROR System data not exists!
2021-05-13 11:31:41,507 → DEBUG Updated last monitoring data
2021-05-13 11:31:41,620 → DEBUG Updated last system data


Thank you for the logs, let us run our test and get back to you.

Thanks Saeed. I would add that I verified and indeed /home/sixfab/.core/configs/request doesn’t exist.


There is an update available on the core which resolves the known issue.
Under the maintenance section click the Update.