Sixfab 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit for Raspberry Pi on a Mini PC


I am working on a project that uses a miniPC as an onboard computer for a drone and I needed to add cellular connectivity. Usually for these kinds of projects I use a Sixfab HAT with a Raspberry Pi, but this time I needed the extra processing power so I had to use a regular miniPC. Unfortunately this means losing the GPIO a Raspberry Pi provides.

From the documentation and the FAQs, I read that the HAT is totally usable via USB, without the UART connection. For the project I need both the cellular connectivity and being able to read GPS data from the module. The previous times I used the module I remember configuring the UART ports, and I don’t remember if it was possible to have both the celullar connection and the GPS data coming through it or if I was using the UART for one of the things.

In case it is not possible to have everything through the USB, I would look into using a Raspberry Pi as an Ethernet gadget so I can connect to it from the miniPC and also have the GPIO.

I’ve got the opportunity to grab a unit to test this and I can confirm it is totally fine to do both things over the USB connection.