Sixfab 3G with MQTT protocol

When I try to run the Sixfab on a 3G connection by Using MQTT protocol, it tries to connect for about 1 or 2 minutes and then it throws an exception, MQTT works perfectly fine on wifi but not on 3G. I have tried with different peoples phone on different networks. Why wont it connect?

Are you using UC20 module or EC25? Could you please share the details of the error?
Make sure you are using the right MQTT guide of the module.

Dear Saeed, Thanks for your response. I really appreciate it. I am working with two 3G LTE base HAT sixfab modules and Telit modules correctly installes in two raspberry PI. The idea is to communicate both boards via MQTT. I have correctly sent data via Wifi , it works perfectly fine on wifi but not on 3G. The server is waiting for the reception. When I setup the 3G connection, is is assigned an IP ( My wifi connection seems to be in the same network that mybroker, while your 3G connection tries to reach your broker via Internet (I am not sure). Do you have any suggestion? Many thanks in advance

I use mosquitto in console
mosquitto_pub -h localhost -t test -m
mosquitto_sub -h localhost -t # -d

Hello Carlos,

Let us address this issue here.

I was planing to test it on my side. Could you please share the code with us?

Do you know mosquito? I configure one board as server and this board is listening to receive MQTT message. The client is also connected to 3G and the following command is written to communicate with the broker:

mosquitto_sub -h -i -u -P ‘’ -t message/topic/to/subscribe -q 2

mosquitto_pub -h -i -u -P ‘’ -t message/topic/to/subscribe -m “hello world”

Do you have some example for the MQTT communication of two 3G Sixfab boards by AT commands?

This should depend on the module you are using.
If the module is EC25, the examples are in chapter 5 of the MQTT AT commands