SIM Registration

I am using Quectel EC25-EU, RPi LTE Base HAT and a RPi 3B+. I have the hardware set-up ready according to the guidance from the sixfab site except the sim card. My issue is that i cannot register a sim card to sixfab-connect. I have used my Turkcell(Turkish brand and it says it is compatible in the data pool plan operator lists) and A1(Croatian brand assuming not compatible in Turkey) sim cards in Turkey but when i type the ICCID values to register the sim card, i keep getting ICCID value is not valid.
Can i get help to solve this issue?

Hi @ahmetbgezer ,

You can only register Sixfab SIM, it does not support other SIMs.

Alright thank you, i will purchase a sixfab siöm.

In, it says that for turkish users we can use turkcell,avea and vodafone sim cards. I am trying to use my mobile phone’s Turkcell sim. Can i have a comment on this too please in order to solve my problem without purchasing a sixfab sim?
Thanks in advance.

I have ordered a sixfab base hat with minipci quecetel ec25

Can I NOT use other SIMs with the hat ??


Yes, you can use it with other SIMs.