SIM card in a non-SixFab Router


I’ve seen multiple subjects asking about using the SixFab SIM card in non-SixFab products. The answers typically just state ‘use the correct APN’. I was unable to get my SixFab Core to work as a mobile hotspot, so I bought a separate LTE router and am attempting to use the SixFab SIM in it.

Per my connect dashboard, I used the APN ‘super’ in my LTE router settings. Is this the correct APN to use? I’m getting an IP address but websites will not load. Any help would be appreciated.

Shouldn’t matter, but for reference, here’s the LTE router I purchased: YF325

EDIT: I’m dumb, did not realize that APN is carrier dependent. I just need to figure out what the correct SoftBank APN is apparently.

Have you been able to find it?