Signal Quality Scale

Hello, I’m curious as to how the signal quality number in Sixfab Connect relates to the dBm scale for cell phone reception. From what I can tell, the decibels-milliwatts scale is negative numbers, with -30 to -50 being an excellent signal and -100 to -120 being no signal. The Signal Strengths I’ve seen so far for my Sixfab modem ranged from 17-25 (fair) or 26-27 (excellent). What’s the top end of the scale, 30?

The reason I’m asking is so I can try and position the modem in the best location in my camping trailer, for the least interference from other equipment and the aluminum trailer skin. I’d like to know what numbers to shoot for. Thanks!

Small update. I saw 31 Excellent on the signal quality scale yesterday. Not sure what the upper limit is, but it’s not 30.

Also, putting the Pi inside the compartment in my camper where I plan to install it, signal quality stayed at 31 Excellent. I was worried the signal quality would degrade due to shielding from the trailer walls and aluminum skin, but the Sixfab antennas must be really good.

I got my answer in another thread: