Sharing LTE connection over Ethernet?

Would the Sixfab Raspberry Pi 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit make for a potentially good LTE failover or mobile hotspot over Ethernet solution? (Failover WAN on a UniFi Dream Machine)

The Sixfab PAYG rates are pretty reasonable for low data usage, and I think the PAYG model makes more sense for a failover application versus paying for data per month as the outages will only happen for a couple hours at a time every couple of months. The next cheapest alternative I can think of would be something like a tello monthly plan with an LTE modem.

Would you guys recommend sticking with Ubuntu Server 20.04 or trying something like OpenWRT for that kind of application?

Are you still looking to get an RPi / BaseHAT setup as a WAN failover solution? (LTE → eth0)
I have done exactly that very simply and it seems to be working!

Can you share how you set it up? Or share a tutorial? I’ve been trying with pi4 and EC25 and can’t get it to work.


You can do this with NetworkManager. The following guides will help you:

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