Sharing account access OR moving SIM to difference Sixfab account


In continuing to develop our IoT project and now including a Sixfab 4G/LTE HAT, I need to share access to the Sixfab connect account with my partners at work. So far, this looks challenging since my account was created by linking my Github account, and that has 2FA. I thought maybe I can move our first SIM to another account where I can share access.

Q: Is there a way to share access to my account using a username/password and not my Github login
Q: Is there a process that I can follow to move an active SIM to a different Sixfab connect account?

Any response or solutions would be much appreciated. Thank you!

You might want to consider a different tool like tmate . You can then set up remote access via a reverse ssh proxy and you can use ssh keys for authentication.

Expect to fiddle around a bit to get it working, but it can work for this problem.