Setting Up a Username for the page

To my surprise my Power Management Hat came in the mail today!

One issue I am having is getting an account set up through the site. The system won’t allow me to set a username. Asking for “Alphanumeric username required that may include _ and – having a length of 6 to 16 characters.”

I can understand with a password but not a username.

Would love to get this in testing for this weekend if possible… Have a project coming up where this would be beneficial as a secondary solution for testing…


Thank you for the feedback.

Username needs 6 characters at least.
Usernames can contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), underscore (_), and dash (-).
Underscore (_), and dash (-) are not compulsory.

Ok so what would be a good Username?

Would the below work?

Of course I am not going to use this but just an example.

As it handles all requirements? Thanks

Ok tried this,


It didn’t take it.

ok got it, had to be all lowercase letters…