Send SMS IOT Hat

I tried sending SMS with an example provided in python SDK, no apparent error.

I also tried via sending AT commands and I’m not receiving outbound SMS.

I was using the latest kernel so I only had ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB1 so I downgraded to the kernel 5.4.65 compatible with Quectel. Now I see ttyUSB0,1,2,3

I was using ttyUSB3 port and there were not any errors shown but I never received outbound SMS. Earlier when I displayed network info, it showed Verizon MMC/MNC but I dont see Verizon pricing at . Also now its showing Tmo MCC/MNC so it should be ok. After another restart it now has ATT MMC/MNC.

When sending a sample message from minicom I keep getting +CMS ERROR: 500 so assuming network info looks good, its likely rejecting SMS because its likely out of network and pricing for Twilio Super SIM doesnt cover SMS interop. This is my theory at the moment.

Hi @ivan.zhidov

You can also upgrade the kernel to versions 5.10+. You should be able to see ttyUSB0,1,2,3 on the latest kernel version.

You are right, Connect SIM does not support sending SMS.

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