Send and receive SMS with Sixfab SIM; GPS with Sixfab SIM

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I have been using the 3g/4g lte base hat together with prepaid SIMs in the past already and used them to get the GPS location, internet connectivity and send and receive SMS. Now I wanted to try the same with the Sixfab SIM, but it seems, that it is not possible to send and receive SMS, is that correct?
Also, I have tried my own script, but also the one provided by Sixfab to get GPS data. This also does not work, so is the Sixfab SIM only capable of providing an internet connection?

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Hi Emanuel,

Yes, that’s right, sending and receiving SMS is not possible. You can receive GPS data, it is independent of SIM cards. GPS is provided by the module.

@ensar but it says in the FAQ that the hat can send SMS, so the sixfab sim that comes with the hat can’t send SMS?


The Base HAT is a bridge between the mini PCIe module + SIM, and the host device such as Raspberry Pi.
Hence the functionalities mainly depend on the mini PCIe module, SIM card, and the host device(i.e the Kernel, Operating System etc)

If talking about the SMS with the Sixfab SIM, it is not compatible.

Base HAT is not the barrier in this case.

Hi mreames,

to send SMS, you can use a SMS Gateway service. They work by sending http requests and they then send the SMS you want.
I am currently using for that.


Is there any SMS Gateway service that’s free?

Does buying a different SIM allow SMS and calls to work?

I don’t know about one.

I have used the 3G/4G LTE Base Hat with the SIM of a local provider and was able to send SMS and make calls (the Board can not transmit audio!).
The reason I will stick to the sixfab SIM is because of its easy setup in comparison to another SIM.
I also really like the features of the Sixfab Core (remote terminal and so on), so shoutout to the developers at Sixfab :slight_smile: