Selecting Solar Panels

Hi - looking for a solar panel to drive the Raspi UPS hat, and what I finding is that most of the panels have an Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) rating of 22.0V - 22.6V.

Is this anything to be worried about? From my limited knowledge of Solar and power electronics (I work with a bunch of power electronics experts, but I am a software guy) the scenario to worry about here is a RASPI that is powered off, with a fully charged battery with full light on the panel, and no load…

Is the 21V input rating and the 22V Voc difference here anything to be worried about? There aren’t any tolerances for the UPS Hat published anywhere that I can find…

Hi @snrklotomus,
Thanks for your inquiry.

UPS Hat supports Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) up to 24V.

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Thanks @ensar - this should possibly be added to the technical data on the documentation page?

We will update it soon.

Thank you. :orange_heart: