RPI4 rev 1.1 power issue?


Rpi 4 8GB rev 1.1

Since long time I cannot have a stable daemon for SMS service.

In logs, I have this error regulary:

[2021-03-16 18:46:26][ERROR] : Exception on GSM : Attempting to use a port that is not open
[2021-03-16 18:46:26][ERROR] : Exit 1 because this exeption is fatal

On another forum, someone said about maybe problems with rev 1.1 of Rpi4. Problem with power.

Do you know something about that?

Someone have stable SMS daemon system with another rev of RPI4 ?


I just received Rpi 4 8Gb rev 1.4 same problem.

Does need a special power supply other than official RPI to have stability with Cellular IoT HAT.

Thanks for help.