RPi4 4G/LTE base HAT with 5G M.2 card

has anyone tested 4G/LTE base HAT of RPi with 5G M.2 card?

Is there an 5G M.2 card on the market already?



Hi @rahul.tomar,

The Raspberry Pi LTE HAT has mini PCIe slot. M.2 form factor module cannot be used.

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Hi everyone!

5G Developer Kit for Raspberry Pi is on the way! :tada:

We are pleased to announce to Raspberry Pi 5G Development Kit, which we have prepared for use for 5G next-generation technology.

This kit includes everything you need to take the first step into the future of communication. With faster transmission speed, better payload and lower network latency, this kit offers a perfect 5G high-speed experience in many application areas.

The worldwide 5G Sub-6GHz coverage gets you going with high throughput. The kit has everything you need for a low-cost way to experiment with the advancement in communication. It supports M.2 modem cards that are available worldwide.

You can pre-order your Raspberry Pi 5G Development Kit directly from our webstore. Find out more here: :point_down:

Do not hesitate to contact us at hello@sixfab.com should you need any further information.