RPi 4 + Quectel EG25-G + Sixfab SIM - LTE Hat failure after weeks of use

Hat setup with a Sixfab SIM and worked like a charm for 3-4 weeks.

Now I cannot get my device to communicate over LTE. This issue occurs with my SIM setup to use either “Low-cost Networks” or “All Networks” in Sixfab Connect.

Via ifconfig, my RPi 4 is receiving an IP Address from the cellular network (or that hat - however it gets the IP for the usb0 interface).

But I can’t reach any web endpoints via ping. If I ping google .com (Obviously no space between google and .com here - can’t post without space), I get an endless “From mobileap.qualcomm.com () icmp_seq=<#> Destination Net Unreachable”.

traceroute also simply stops at its first hop to “mobileap.qualcomm.com”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @chinson3 ,

Can you PM me the ICCID of the SIM you are using?

@ensar I’d love to! But I can’t seem to find the “Envelope” icon to send you a PM… It’s not under your avatar and I can’t find it when I browse over to your page.

Thanks for sharing the information with me.

You have reached the monthly 100MB limit. The connection will be available if you update your ‘Monthly Limit’ from SIM details to ‘Unlimited’.

@ensar That did the trick alright :joy: Thanks for your help!

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