Restart SixFab base shield or Quectel EC25 whithout restarting the Pi


I’ve got an issue when connecting to FTP_TLS server. Sometimes the connection is working and I can send files on the FTP_TLS from the Raspberry Pi 3 equipped with the SixFab 3G/4G Shield V2 and an Quectel EC25 and sometimes not. I’ve done a lot of test and it seems it comes from the connection and not the FTP server. So I want to restart the SixFab Shield and/or the Quectel EC25. I’ve seen that there is a shutdown AT command in the Quectel documentation but I want to restart it.
How can I do this?

Hi @jeanchristophe,

Please try using AT+CFUN=1,1 to try to restart the module.