Reproduce RaspAP hotspot on a new machine & SIM

Hello all,

Months ago I set up RaspAP + a Telit C4 hotspot configuration on an Odroid N2L and deployed a pilot it into a remote location. Prior to deploying, I imaged the hard disk so I can reproduce the setup.

The pilot was a success and now I would like to deploy it to 20+ more locations. So I imaged a new Odroid with a new Telit C4 with a new SIM. The SIM doesn’t seem to want to connect because I am assuming the prior SIM settings are baked into the software somewhere.

Where do these settings lie? I would like to quickly be able to image multiple machines with new Sixfab sims if possible.

The ppp, uart, etc libraries are already installed but there must be some config somewhere that defines ICCID variables and such.

Thank you in advance.