Remote Terminal not Responding Across All Devices

All of our devices are still operating as expected with the exception that when we try the Remote Terminal, it gets stuck on ‘Reaching to Device’. We see strong signals and data transfer occurring and we were able to connect about 5 hours ago.

The inability to work at the CLI level on the devices is very problematic as we are trying to perform some remote maintenance in the RaspberryPi’s.

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We are experiencing the same issues with our devices. It seems similar to the outage experienced a week ago.


Yes, it’s the same issue that @tripwire mentioned.
We apologize for connection issues. Please be assured that our team is actively working to resolve them. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

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Is this issue still occurring? Or maybe a new connectivity issue? I’m unable to connect to any of my devices as well right now, it gets stuck at “Waiting device’s response”

I have one device at home plugged in via ethernet, dashboard says it is online with good signal, but if I try Remote Terminal from the dashboard it gets stuck. If I do direct ssh to the rpi over ethernet it works.

The issue with this has been resolved. There may be a temporary connection problem with your network connection. You can also try restarting the core_agent service.