Remote Terminal isn't working anymore

Hello there,
hope you can help me. I can’t manage the device with the remote terminal widget anymore.
Just showing “Reaching to device”.

May you can give me a hint, how I can get this working again?

I’ll post also the log & config files here:

arc: 32bit
board: “Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4\0”
host_name: dd.wop.local
kernel: 5.10.63-v7l+
last_update: 1644524983
machine: armv7l
manager_version: 1.8.0
modem_name: LE910CX-Series LE910C1-EU
modem_product_id: ‘1206’
modem_vendor: Telit
modem_vendor_id: 1bc7
platform: Linux-5.10.63-v7l±armv7l-with-debian-10.11
sw_version: M0F.220009-B001

active_interface: eth0
active_lte_tech: E-UTRAN
cellular_connection: true
fixed_incident: 0

  • true
  • E
  • 1
  • false
  • W
  • 2
  • true
  • C
  • 3
    last_update: 1644525980
    roaming_operator: o2 - de
    selected_apn: de1.super
    signal_quality: 22
  • eth0
  • wlan1
  • wwan0

agent.log only shows Skipping config messages

Thanks in advance for your help!
Mails Nielsen

I have the answer already

If someone has the same issue, please check if your SIM/device name contains some special characters like the German ä, ö, ü etc.

The remote console can’t parse the name (that’s stored in the browsers cookies) and therefore you can’t connect to the remote device.

@sixfab I would check for special characters before updating the name.

Hi @solidproof ,

Sorry for the trouble. Thanks for reporting the issue with great details!
We can reproduce on our side and will further study for a solution.