Registering with Verizon

When I was registering my SIM/Hat with Verizon, I ran into an activation issue. Here was their response:

This is failing because the IMEI # is not loaded into our Device Management Database. This is typically done by the OEM for the device. You may want to contact the OEM to have them load the device details. Otherwise you may register for Verizon’s ODI Device Portal, and once approved you would be able to load information about any hardware you have built.

Is there a plan for SixFab to register these devices? I image many of your users don’t necessarily have registered corporations in the US…

Hello Ben,

Our North American version of Cellular IoT HAT are Verizon Certified. Could you please Email us the IMEI number of your Cellular IoT HAT?

Please make sure the HAT version is v1.3.0


Hello Ben,

We have checked the IMEI from the ODI portal. The IMEI of your device is already available in the list. Please contact the VZW support.

Providing an update so folks can see the status of this thread… I’ve been going back and forth between Verizon and Sixfab on this. Verizon says the IMEI isn’t valid, but SixFab says it’s registered and that I just need a “data only” SIM.

Verizon’s ThingSpace is w/out a doubt vaporware, but I tried connecting the with the primary Verizon Wireless site, and got the following error.


I’m going to try again during business hours tomorrow to get a VZ representative, but if that doesn’t work, I’d love to hear if anyone has actually been able to get this to work with a VZ SIM and how to get those SIMs.

I love the Sixfab products, but this Verizon debacle has been a real bummer as only verizon works in our deployment area.

What was the final outcome ?

Yes, what happened?

I am interested also.

I don’t think they will ever get approved. I have a bad feeling, I had the impression that it would work out okay, but apparently the Hat has a lot to do with this. I think I was mislead that it would work on the carrier, but this issue seems to stem back to SIXFAB. I’m thinking about returning this product, the only other real option would to be use mint mobile which uses Tmobile backbone. Anybody try those sim cards? Are we all stuck with sixfab data plans? I cannot honestly use as is because my data goes way over the asking price of the data plans here.