Recommended connector (OR), wire type (stranded/solid) and AWG size for S1 and S2 pads


I am working on connecting two momentary push button switches to the S1 and S2 solder pads (one each)…

Is there a connector that could be used on the pads? Just using wires I’m worried about stability of the connection due to lack of strain relief. Also, assuming a connector won’t work - what is the best wire size and type (solid or stranded).

Thank you!


In my experience, the pads are high quality and provide plenty of stability as long as the join quality is good and the solder has been correctly wetted. For my use, I soldered 0.62mm solid copper wire. Braided wire will give you a little more flexibility. As long as you lay it flat and use up most of the pad it should be stable enough. I would suggest mounting them in relation to the Pi so that repetitive strain is eliminated.

Honestly, the switches and tiny LEDs on the edge of the PCB are far more fragile.

I did the same thing with the 5V pad to power the LCD.