Recharge battery from different sources

I would know if is possible to recharge the battery using micro usb and type-c in two different ways: connect at
micro usb a power bank (12v 3a max) and the original raspberry pi power supply at the type-c.

Is it possible that one port excludes automatically the other (without external switch)?

Does the ups function remain preserved (power supply disconnected and power bank on recharging battery)?

I want to connect a 12000mah 3,7v external battery to the ups.

Thank You


Sorry, this is not possible. Type-c, micro-USB and J4 input are connected in the same place. Use only one of these three inputs(J2, J3, J4) at a time, i.e. do not plug a USB(J2, J3) adapter while the power source is inserted through the terminal block(J4) or the other way. It can damage both the power supply and the HAT due to voltage differences!