Reassigning ppp0 metric value away from 0

I’m currently attempting to assign a Interface Metric that isn’t 0 to the ppp0 interface, and haven’t been able to locate a point at which it can be changed within the boot up scripts, config files or services.

Is there a way to do so, or is this something that is a fixed value? The goal was to have the device use ppp0 if it is disconnected from any fixed networks, but otherwise utilise the eth0 interface.

So far tested:

  • dhcpcd.conf assignment of metrics
  • Start after ppp-dns.service for networking.service

Further checks have been made, and the metrics can be altered post boot through use of ifmetric, and this then works as anticipated until the device is rebooted or undergoes a hard reset.

Are there ways to make this operation occur at boot and after all other operations have already run?