Raspberry Pi4 + SixFab Base HAT + Telit LE910C1

Hi all, I’m getting “Under-Voltage Detected” using Raspberry Pi4 with SixFab Base HAT and Telit LE910C1.

If I connect the SixFab Base HAT using the GPIO and the USB 3.0 cable I get “Under-Voltage Detected” and the kernel reset all USB ports. If I diconnect the USB cable the Under-Voltage message disappear but the moden doesn’t work.

I’m using the Raspberry power supply 5.1V 3A

Someone can help me?


  • Are you using a cable other than the Right Angle Micro USB cable?
  • Are there any other HAT/Shield or peripherals you use in your project? If so, what are they?
  • Make sure the antennas are properly connected to the module.
  • Would you be able to share a picture of your hardware setup if possible?