Raspberry Pi Alternatives for LTE HAT


I am looking to scale a project I am working on but with the crazy supply chain issues, getting a hold of Raspberry Pis is very difficult. I’m seeing backorder dates into 2023 and 2024!!!

I was wondering if RPI alternatives (e.g. Banana Pi, Beaglebone, etc) are compatible with the Sixfab LTE HATs.

I know the headers on other boards are different from RPI’s so the potential to stack the HAT is slim, but I am curious if jumping the wires and just using the USB connection is possible. There seems to be more stock around for non-RPI SBC’s so if there is a list of RPI alternatives that will work that would be super helpful.

Thanks in advance,


@matthew-1985 +1 for that, thanks for bringing it up!

Similarly, I was looking for answers or proof of concept if the Raspberry Pi 400 board would be compatible. I know it is a different form factor, but thought that maybe it would be compatible in some way if the Raspberry Pi 400 case was removed and jumpers or other connection were made.

Please and thank you!