Raspberry Pi 4G/LTE HAT Remote Terminal Connection Issue


I am experiencing difficulty with opening the remote terminal for the raspberry pi. It was working for a short period. However, I am unable to open it again, after attempting to install a python module. The network is on, cellular status is available, and the signal quality is excellent, but it says device offline on the CORE Dashboard. May I please get some tips on how to troubleshoot this?

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Are there any messages in your remote terminal browser console tab?
Can you check the status of the core_agent service?
Please check the logs /home/sixfab/.core/logs/cm/agent-log and /home/sixfab/.core/logs/cm/cm-log.


Thank you for the reply. The remote terminal says “Waiting for device” when trying to connect; it idles on this screen.

Here is the status of the core_agent

Agent Log

CM Log

Could you send me the log files?