Raspberry Pi 4 with LTE HAT - bridge to Ethernet

Howdy! I have not been able to find an answer by searching the community, but please point me there if I missed something glaringly obvious. Is there a best practice suggestion for bridging LTE → eth0/1 etc. as of now?

Please and thank you!

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Update. I was able to get the Ras Pi to act like a router with the wifi connection. Now of I take the Wifi down and have the LTE HAT failover I am not able to get internet out of eth0.

Do I need to add the usb ort somewhere and what file do I need to edit.


Hello @anthony.burkhart ,

I assume you have routed the wlan0 connection to eth0.
While routing the LTE, you will need to replace wlan0 with wwan0/usb0.

Yes I have done that now as I changed it in the routing table seems to have it working but now it seems sometimes when switching between them I have to unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back in and then the internet starts again.

Basically what I am looking for is the Documentation to turn my Rasberry Pi into a wisp Router with a Cell Failover. Can anyone help me and let me know the steps to do this?


Going to BUMP this Thread still looking for something that will work?