Quectel LTE Connection


I purchased a Quectel LTE Kit (Raspberry Pi 4G/LTE Modem Kit - Sixfab) + SixFab Sim Card a few months ago for a Senior Design University project. After setting it up, the unit has been connecting to the LTE services perfectly every time. However, recently (about the past 3-4 days) the unit is very spotty when connecting to services. Sometimes the unit is connecting to AT&T services and sometimes it does not connect to anything. I am unsure of how to recreate the problem, however, it seems to happen mostly when disconnecting from the LTE service and connecting to a WiFi signal.

We have currently been unable to connect to the internet via LTE for 2 days now and have come to a dead-end on following the recommended procedures from other users’ form posts. My final attempt to get the LTE working was going to be to completely reinstall the Raspberry Pi OS along with following through the “Getting Started” tutorial (Getting Started). The issue with this is that I have no way of getting the Activation Key from Step 5 in the above “Getting Started” tutorial.

Please note that the LTE services seem to become available randomly, but when disconnecting from the LTE and connecting to WiFi appears to “break” the system.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Please note that this is a current University project so we would be more than happy to do whatever is required in order to have the LTE working in a timely manner.

Thank you.

Hi @oliverscholes84 ,

Thank you for your interest.
If you can send me your e-mail address as a message, I can quickly send you the setup code.
It will be appreciated if you share the logs of the time when the problem occurred. That will show where the problem is occurring.