QUECTEL BG96 ATT LTE-M Registration

Hi ,

I’m getting the following when I test thru serial console , I’m trying to understand why +COPS returns 3, means nor registered when I got the sim they had a list and I didn’t see QUECTEL BG96 so I piked some other module not sure if its got to do. Any help appreciated:




AT+COPS=? (Took some time and got )

+COPS: (3,”AT&T”,”AT&T”,”311480”,8),(0,1,2,3,4), (0,1,2)




Hi Ray,

AT+COPS=? List all current network operators which will take some time.
AT+COPS? Shows currently selected network.

Check output of
AT+CGATT? which should return 1.
If not try AT+CGATT=1 to force attach to PS service.

Also check the FW version with AT+QGMR
According to Quectel, BG96MAR02A07M1G is certified for ATT.

Thanks Saeed,

I’m getting +CGATT: 0
so I tried to force registration AT+CGATT=1 and I got +CME ERROR: 30 , which seems to mean … network not found… ? Any Ideas ? Thanks

Hey Saeed,

Sorry about that , seems I rebooted and now works. Im getting Ip now. and I can ping the internet successfully. Many thanks for your help!

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That’s great.
Happy it worked.