Quectel BG95 (or compatible alternative) with SixFab LTE Shield (or other!)


I have the SixFab LTE Shield with the EC25 mini-pcie modem. I have a need to evaluate various modems (one of the reasons I bought this solution) - I am in need of testing an LTE-m / NB-IoT device, ideally the BG95 from Quectel - however I have been unable to easily source a mini-PCIe version

  1. does anyone know if one is available and if it is compatible with the 4G LTE Base Shield (https://sixfab.com/product/raspberry-pi-3g-4glte-base-shield-v2/)

In the event that #1 above is not possible, I am considering the BG96 as an alternative

  1. does any know of a BG96 mini pcie that would work with the 4G LTE Base Shield?


This module(LTE BG95-M3 Mini PCIe) is compatible. Compatible Mini PC Modules list: https://docs.sixfab.com/docs/raspberry-pi-3g-4g-lte-base-shield-technical-details#compatible-mini-pcie-modules
For non-listed modules please compare with the pinout.

awesome! thanks

… do you know where one might be able to source such a device! I’ve checked all the usual suspects and coming up empty handed