Quectel 5G Module, rPi 5, Sixfab 3G – 4G/LTE Base HAT questions

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Miss those days.


I am thinking of getting a raspberry pi 5 to run openwrt with the above/followong components and have a few questions.

Quectel 5G Module, rPi 5, Sixfab 3G – 4G/LTE Base HAT

The 5g modem is a bit expensive, and might be overkill, but i will spend the money if there isn’t an equally good option cheaper. Does anybody know of an alternative? I will mainly be on a 4g connection but 5g will be available now, and only ever moreso going forward.

I see sixfab say the sim card needs attaching externally, and they mention antennas.

Does a modem like this need an antenna?

And what kind of form do an external sim slot take? I need something robust I can travel with (the standard cases I see for a pi would be fine) but I need it in a manageable format. Is this doable with a sixfab hat/modem/possible sim slot? Any recommendations from anybody is greatly appreciated!


I didn’t fully understand your question. The Base HAT is suitable for 3G – 4G/LTE modems with a mini PCIe form factor, whereas the Quectel 5G modem is in M.2 form factor.
I have a recommendation for you: Jumpstart 5G product.

I hope this helps, and good luck with your project!