QMI – Raspberry Pi 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit – Pi 3B+, Rogers (Ontario, Canada)


On my quest to retrofit a brick phone and make an audio codec for the modem, I’ve run into some hiccups while trying to setup a QMI connection.

Below are photos of my physical setup (the SIM card isn’t in the module while image was taken).

Here’s a screenshot while using SSH on Mac – you can see where the installer files went:

When I originally ran the installation, it appeared that the installation script had a problem navigating to a certain folder as some point. I modified the $(whoami) paths to the actual user and it seemed to have no problem there. The rpi-update update from Hexxeh was done successfully.

Below is my attempt to start a connection using Rogers APN:

Here’s the result I get – is someone seeing something obvious I could be missing or that I should double check?

Here’s what I see when running the lsusb -t command – with no keyboard or mouse plugged in (through SSH).

I’ve played around with permissions and doing the install under ‘sudo su’ with no luck.

I’ve modified the right-angle USB cable to have micro usb on both ends as I’ll end up using this hat with my Pi Zero so, could the USB 2.0 cable I’m using with the Pi 3B+ to connect the modem to my pi be an issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @bighead,

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation.

What is the current version of your kernel, you can check that with the following command:
uname -sr

To test, try using the right angle USB cable with the Pi 3B+. What is the status of the LEDs when you power the Pi?

Hi Ensar,

Thanks a bunch for the reply!

This was the result of the ‘uname -sr’ command.

The right angle cable was the cable that I cut one end to change it so both sides have a micro USB (when used with my Pi Zero).

I changed it to another cable I found, tossed my sim card in, rebooted, ran the ‘sudo ./quectel-CM -s ltemobile.apn’ command to start up with Rogers Wireless APN (my provider here in Ontario, Canada and bam it started up!

Thank you again - super appreciated!

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Hi, @bighead. I see that you had some trouble with the Quectel EC25-A. Your last screenshot is showing the wwan0 interface being disabled (ifconfig wwan0 down) and then you spliced in a screenshot of your wwan0 interface with a non-routable IP address (169.254.x.x). Were you actually able to establish a working LTE connection?