Purpose of the USB bridge

I got the Jetson Nano Dev Kit to be used on a Jetson Orin Nano. Since the USB bridge was not designed to fit the Orin Nano, I’m using a USB cable to connected Orin Nano with the LTE hat. I’m able connect to the network without any issues, but my question is about the main purpose of USB bridge. Is it just for supplying power to the LTE hat or also for data transfer? if it’s just for power supply, what are the other options for supplying power to the LTE hat? My apologies if this information was already documented somewhere.


Both, mainly for data transfer

Power can also be supplied from GPIO pins, but data transfer is not possible.

Hello @ensar,
Thanks for your reply. If I do not establish the USB connection, will I still be able to make network calls?

No, you won’t be able to.

Understood. One more question. Can the LTE module be used as an access point/hotspot?

Of course, but we don’t have a tutorial for that but you can take a look at the documentation of the NetworkManager service.