Public vs private IP with ECM or PPP


I need to use my raspberry pi as a local internet gateway where I can connect directly from the internet with ssh (for port forwarding to other local hardware).

From other discussions in the forum I can see that with the sixfab SIM only the PPP mode offers external IP, whereas the easier ECM mode only offers direct accessibility through the Core platform by using an ip in the private networks scope and not by direct ssh. Is this still the case?

Will ECM with a SIM from another provider provide an external IP?

Thanks in advance

AFAIK, unless you have made specific arrangements with the network provider, you can’t guarantee either a fixed IP address or even a routable IP address for your device when connected to the Internet. That won’t change much with either ECM or PPP.

Best approach is to use a reverse proxy tunnel like Sixfab CORE does. There are lots of other ways to accomplish that if you want to do it on your own or have special features you want or need.