Problem with EG25 modem no longer connecting to any apn

I’ve been having constant issues with this modem since I got it. Minicom always says it has gone offline (box with ‘Cannot open /usb/ttyUSB2’)for a short time and then comes back, but now I don’t get the scrolling output like I used to(AT+CREG=x, or anything else).
I only see an output of “+QIND: PB DONE”

I have tried:
Resetting the device with “AT&F”,
Removing the power cable from the RPi and waiting for 10+ seconds,
Putting a jump wire from the 5v pin to pin 26 to reset the hat.

I can still get a response from minicom about an inserted sim card and some info from the sim with commands like AT+SIMI.

This started happening after I did a apt update/upgrade while on wifi. Could some settings have been reverted somehow?