Pre-Wiring for Airstream (RV)

Good day,

I was hoping to get some insight into antennas both for 4G and GPS. I am renovating an Airstream and plan to take it on the road for a year with the family.
It is completely gutted, and I wanted to install the appropriate wiring now before I patch it all back up.
What type (conductor, length limitations) would you recommend I use?

Or do I just install these through a gland?
External Active GPS Antenna - 29dB - SMA Plug - Sixfab
LTE Antenna - 3 Meter SMA - 2.5dBi - Sixfab

I would like to have a modular install, meaning that if the antenna fails, or technology changes, I can just connect on the exterior and keep the same wire to the interior - does that make sense?

Any help would be appreciated, as this is a field that I know very little about - so please be kind :wink:

Thank you!!