Powering-up problem

I have an Arduino NB-IoT shield but you guys seem to provide very little support about this product since you have retired it. But I have purchased it only a couple of months ago and I still do need assistance. First of all, the link to the code (https://github.com/sixfab/Arduino-NB-IoT-Shield/tree/master/examples/gettingStartedNBIoT) is broken.
And secondly I have this problem. I do the port forwarding, attach the SIM card and plug my shield onto the UNO board but when I try to power it by plugging the UNO board to the computer, windows starts to constantly make that sound that it makes when you plug out a device from the USB port. As if I’m constantly plugging the USB cable on and off or the cable is broken. But I’ve tried 4 different standard blue Arduino USB cables and different USB ports but the same thing kept happening. When I lift and unplug the left-hand size pins from the Arduino , the sound stops and the green enable led turns on.
Then, when I upload the localHost.ino code you provided in the library, Windows again starts making that plugging off sound and the green enable led again turns off.
What is wrong here? Is the shield corrupted?
Thank you.