Power Software Alarm Configuration - No Email Notification

I have tried configuring several alarms in the power software web portal that seem to be saved to the power hat (v1) running up to date firmware.

My issue is that I don’t receive any form of notification when the alarm criteria has been met…in my case when the battery reaches 40%…or any other value for that matter.

Battery state of charge reaches the low battery alarm set point value, proceeds to drop below the alarm set point, and does not provide any notification of the alarm.

Am I missing something? Am I supposed to receive and email with the alarm notification?

I checked my inbox and spam filter for messages at the address I use for my sixfab and power software account…but there are no alarm notification messages.

Any suggestions as to how to get alarm notification working?

Any input on this topic would be much appreciated.

@ensar. Is the reason email notifications are not working related to the fact that the web dashboard appears to to be defunct?

Please advise as this forum appears to be the only source for support for Sixfab products.