Power on after shutdown

Is there a way to have it power-up again if the battery is not used using the API?

Hi @andre,

Could you please let me know more details on this?

I want to use the solar input (J4) for a 12V battery input. I’m not going to use the lithium battery as the board will never shutdown before the 12V battery is totally depleted as the the lithium battery will keep charging.

So I monitor the voltage of the solar input and send a shutdown command at let’s say 10.5V - which works.
The thing is that the board will switch back on at almost 10.6V (Don’t know how it decides on that). If I have more equipment running of the same battery consuming power and it switches back on, the voltage will drop very quickly to 10.5 and I will have a constant oscillation effect.

I need for the board to switch on at let’s say 11V only after shutdown.

Unfortunately, there is no way to configure it this way using the API.

Check out my recent post for a possible solution…

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If you add a zener diode and a voltage divider, you can get a ‘minimum on’ threshold to trigger the ‘push’.