Power Issue with CanaKit and IOT APP Shield

I have the CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 and have been familiarizing myself with it for over 2 weeks. (I usually program C++ microcontrollers)

I have the SixFab Cellular IOT Application Shield Cellular IoT Application HAT for Raspberry Pi | LTE-M & NB-IoT | Sixfab

I went through the tutorial setup and all looked good for a bit. I got to this point:
ifconfig ppp0

and no response. The LEDs were all off except the Red one.

When I reboot the Red and Green are on. When the Pi boots up, about 15s later the green LED slowly dims out. I cannot use the power key to turn it on. If I press the power key during the pi boot, I get all the correct LED to turn on (RED GREEN RED on) (Blue NETL flashing) then it does the same thing and the leds slowly dim out and RED power stays on.

The CanaKit has a 5.1V 3.5A power supply.


I just put an ammeter on there and the combined current is .5A and with the cell unit on during boot, I got maybe as high as .8A then the cell unit just shuts down.


Please, make sure the GPIO 17 pin is low.