Power hat on RPi running Victron Venus Gx?


I have a Raspberry Pi 3b+ running the latest Venus OS from Victron (2.92 as of this writing). This OS supports Python 3. The Venus RPi sends monitoring data from my solar/battery components through wifi to a second RPi 4 running a Sixfab 4g LTE hotspot, to Victron’s VRM datacenter.

I have experienced momentary power outages to both RPi’s when updating the firmware on my solar charge controllers, because the load outputs turn off as the devices update. The updates cannot finish, SD cards may get corrupted, and hard resets are necessary. (The problem cannot be fixed remotely.)

Will the Power Hat work on an RPi 3b+ running Victron’s Venus OS? I know it will be compatible with the Sixfab one.



The UPS power HAT is compatible with Raspberry PI OS(Dabian based). Hence we cannot guarantee it’s compatibility with Venus OS.

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Thanks, @saeed. Appreciate the prompt response.