Power Hat changelog?

Hi all,

Is there a changelog for power hat versions? I have version 0.2.7 and have been bitten many times by upgrading firmware. I want to make sure it is something that will help resolve my issue before doing it.


Hi @cecil,

Please check the release notes page for the list of all the changes made in each release.

@ensar any chance this helped an issue I’ve seen where the Power HAT and the 3G/4G hat cause the pi to restart 5 seconds after it boots up?

It will likely help solve your problem, so we recommend that you update.

I’ll give it a shot and let you know.

I might have to start a different thread for this, but I’m working with Saeed via email trying to solve a connection issue with the 3G Base Hat.

I worry that we might be in very different and opposite timezones and it might take some time to resolve the issue. I’m falling behind on my project.

The 3G simply won’t connect to the network.

One question is, do I need to run the Super SIM installer?