Power board restarts Pi when battery low and main power is connected

So far so good with this board…

But I noticed strange behavior with low battery mode
rpi restarts after booting when battery is lower than low % settings in power management software. Even when 12 V main power is connected. Is it bug or can i turn it off?
I like safe turn off when battery low but i need to boot device even when battery is dead.

I have the same behavior, but not systematically.
Sometimes, although the HAT is powered supplied via the 3.9v - 21v input (J4): At boot, it does not detect the external power supply, and boot with battery. This never happens via the 5V USB input (J2 or J3).

If the battery level is lower than this, your system turns off safely. If the battery level rises to (min + 5) %
again, your system turns on automatically. Wait until the battery level rises.
Please, keep Software and Firmware up to date.

Hi @adm,
The current supplied via the input (J4) may be insufficient.

Hi @ensar,
The current supplied via the input (J4) is 15V and 0,8A.

To complete: After restarting my PI + UPS HAT, if I cut the J4 power supply and I reactivate it everything becomes OK. But I must to stop and restart the J4 power supply :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We recommend using a minimum of 1A for 15V. In the beginning, the system starts to draw current quickly, the power adapter you are using may protect itself in this case.
If the battery is dead, charge it and try again, and please share the result with us. :hugs:
:exclamation:Note: Always keep the FW up to date.

The battery is news and I go test with 1A.
A suivre …

I continued the tests with an external power supply of 15V and 1A connected to the connector J4.

  1. After a reboot system
    root @ b0x: ~ # reboot

Everything is ok

  1. After halt system + hard shutdown of the HAT PMS + and hard start
  • root @ b0x: ~ # halt
  • S1(Long Press) : Hard shutdown by cutting power of Raspberry Pi
  • S1(Short Press) : Hard boot-up by powering Raspberry Pi

At boot, it does not detect the external power supply, and boot with battery.

Regard Alexandre