Power API - Pi not booting back up from scheduled events


Issue - Pi does not boot up from an event. Intermittent problem - No Patterns

Anyone know if there is any hidden timers or any events that might prevent the pi from booting up with the UPS HAT? I currently have a few sixfab boards out on site and once in a while the Pis wont boot back on until manually turned on. Sometimes this can be seen to be from a few weeks to a few days.

I create one shot events everytime the pi boots to start at the start of the hour everyday from 6am to 6pm. Sometimes it will complete a cycle (event) and will not start the next cycle.

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I’ve confirmed and checked my log files. It looks like I get a - “CRC check failed” reply from the hat followed by a constant ‘‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable’ when I create events until the pi is rebooted and it will work fine afterwards. This only happens once in a while. Does this mean anything to anyone?


Im experiencing the same problem when scheduling from the cloud. Power down events work no problem, power up events do not.

Yep, I’ve seen this quite a bit. I had to stop using it all together.

For powering back up you need to have the pogo stick soldered to the Pi, so maybe that is the issue.

What I’m doing now, is using the watchdog to bring the system back up every 3 hours (max interval the watchdog allows) to see it it is time to stay awake based on time from the RTC.

I was wondering what that part was for! Thanks for the tip.


Thank you for the information. The pogo stick is only required for soft power ups which I am not using. I am using hard shut down/boot via the power api. Thank you for the workaround using the watchdog, I will not be using this method as I already have a working method. It just does not respond every few days/weeks which the board is not meant to do.